Tina "the Tank" Baxter

Female, 35, 5'5", Afro-Canadian, Dressed in Blue Jeans, Tank top and open buttoned shirt, steel-toed boots.


Str:10 Dex:8 Int:17 Con:13 App:7 Pow:15 Siz:12 San:75 Edu:15 Idea:85 Luck:75 Know:75 99-CM:99 Damage Bonus:0 Sanity Points:75 Magic Points:15 Hit Points:13

Accounting:10 Anthropology:1 Archaeology:1 Art:Drafting:5 Astronomy:1 Bargain:5 Biology:1 Chemistry:1 Climb:40 Computer Use:1 Conceal:15 Craft:Welding:5 Credit Raiting:15 Cthulu Mythos: Disguise:1 Dodge:66 Drive Auto:50 Electr Repair:60 Electronics:51 Fast Talk:5 First Aid:30 Geology:1 Hide:10 History:20 Jump:25 Law:5 Library Use:25 Listen:55 Locksmith:40 Martial Arts:1 Mech Repair:70 Medicine:5 Natural History:10 Navigate:10 Occult:5 Opr Hvy Mach:21 Other Language: French: 1 Own Language: English:75 Persuade:15 Pharmacy:1 Photography:10 Physics:16 Pilot:1 Psychoanalysis:1 Psychology:5 Ride:5 Sneak:10 Spot Hidden:70 Swim:25 Throw:25 Track:10 Handgun:50 Machine Gun:15 Rifle:25 Shotgun:70 SMG:15 Fist:70 Grapple:25 Head:10 Kick:25


Tina’s father was an automotive technician, so she learned the family trade. Always assumed father wanted a son, so he got the next best thing – a butch daughter!

Tina works for primarily for a Jaguar dealership, repairing and restoring cars. Alongside her employment at Jaguar, she runs a classic car restoration company for the stars. She has worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Eminem, Nicolas Cage and Ken Griffey, Jr., Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

She is a rough around the edges momma, but she is an absolute dream when it comes to autos.

Tina "the Tank" Baxter

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